Synthesize and make connections between some of the major landmarks

Purpose: To summarize some of the broad ideas covered across many cultures in this course

  • Stonehenge, fig. 1-9
  • Pyramids at Gizeh, figs. 1-26, 1-27
  • Parthenon, fig. 2-1
  • Great Mosque at Cordoba, fig. 5-7
  • Chartres Cathedral, fig. 7-9
  • Forbidden City, fig. 18-1
  • Teotihuacan, fig. 20-3
                    • Machu Picchu, fig. 20-17
                    • Serpent Mound, fig. 20-20
                    • Great Zimbabwe, fig. 21-6

Their differences are obvious ? location, culture, etc. ? but what can you say is similar about all of these structures? Were the structures constructed to accommodate religious ideas or rites, project political or military power, mark astrological phenomenon, or a combination of of these purposes? What do the similarities say about ancient cultures and their priorities? What does our modern/contemporary architecture say about our world culture today??

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