Sustainable Street Plan Discussion Post

Streetmix allows you to easily design your own street by dragging and dropping features on the screen.

this post you will play transportation planner and design your own
complete street! Imagine the street you are creating to be in an
up-and-coming urban area, planned for new transit-oriented development.
your own 80′ (this is the default width) complete street. Refer to the
lesson and readings for the features that a complete street must have.
you are finished, you will need to save your street as an image to
share. On the upper-right hand corner of StreetMix, click “Share” and
then “Save as Image”. Make sure that “Segments names and lengths” is
checked off before you “Save to Computer” so that your group can see
your design.
Your Post
Write a post (2-pages minimum, about 500
words) on your complete street design and explain how it accomodates a
variety of transportation modes and would help make the planned
transit-oriented development succesful. Make sure to use the “Insert
Image” tool in your D2L discussion post box to post your StreetMix

Here is an example of a post one of my class mates did to help guide you:

street I designed was mainly with an above ground monorail system,
preferably the Metrail mass transit system. The greatest flaw with
light rail and street car systems is they have to deal with ground level
traffic, if not separated from it. This for a pro-car culture like
Tucson would be hard to break without the right incentives. This street
was designed with that mass transit system and traffic calming and
integration in mind. Since didn?t have an option to which
I could adapt that system into the design so I created a region to
easily build this system.

The planting strip is there to support
the I-beams that would hold up the dual rail systems, though it would
have to be designed with arches in the design. Mainly for architectural
strength but aesthic reasons like the fact Spanish Colonial design
feature arches. So the mass transit infrastructure would appear as a
Spanish arcade encompassing the city and encouraging vine plants like
bougainvillea can encourage appearance.

With more people riding
the monorail there will be less need for bus only lanes but they won?t
be eliminated instead integrated into a ?hub and spoke? transit system.
The Monorail stops will link with bus routes, taxi?s, Uber & Lyft,
bike rental and routes, while offering covered secure parking to
encourage a park and ride culture in Tucson. The Bike culture is
already ingrained in the city so expanding and securing these routes
while allowing parking was an unusual balance.

Was originally
going to use a Bollard, which can always be used in more tight spaces,
but providing shaded bike routes and street parking. This makes these
areas more attractive for parking while meters can be easily placed
between palms. I believe palms will work better to provide shade, allow
minimal damage to vehicles when branches fall or in storms, and less
likely to be de-rooted. Then my next critique of the program is that I
have to choose a tree and street light, why can I no choose and option
for both with a staggered arrangement in the same 2-foot area of street.

If I could stagger the trees and street lights I would do the
same the Wayfinding signs and benches if not creatively combine them in
some way. The bike rentals and repair stations can be set up next to
these benches to allow bikers to rest and repair as well as
pedestrians. The combination and multiuse of infrastructure is kind of
my goal with the sidewalks. So interior trees help shade 6-foot
sidewalks, that I hope to expand with proper staggering, the palms can
shade parking and bike routes. These trees can be some of the same
trees that are part the UNESCO gastronomy award.

The program is
great from a cross cut view but staggering and pairing certain items is
where it lacks, plus a vertical view would be great. There is space for
buses in my design like on the road with other traffic but also with
pull outs, and restricted areas in the same region of the parking lane,
and the palm area is instead with traffic exclusion domes. The bus
pulls into that restricted bus pull out to the allow them to merge back
into traffic.

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