Survey of Forensic Science Laboratory

Check the uploaded file ..

  • The Exercise:
    • Place a sheet of butcher paper/white cardboard/old sheet or towel on the wall and floor.
    • Take a household sponge an place a small amount of blood on the sponge. You can hit the bloodied sponge with a hammer, baseball bat, or golf club to recreate medium-velocity spatter.
    • Once a sufficient amount of spatter is on the butcher paper/cardboard/towel, select at least 10 blood stains with tails.
    • Measure the stains and use the calculation for angle of impact.
    • Once the angles have been determined, draw the lines of the stains to determine the point of converge.
    • Take pictures of the blood stain pattern as well as the determination of point of converge.

Write your findings in a lab report, using the same sections as previously, in this case your “samples” will be the blood stain pattern. Detail your procedures for the determination of angle of impact and point of converge. Include your findings in “Results” and attach the pictures. Then do the lab report?

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