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I am studying master of strategic public relations, and the course name is "Mass media research". I want you to do A survey with 25 questions. 3-4 questions must be opening- ended questions and the rest 20-21 questions must be core .Topic description "In Saudi Arabia there is a condition you have to meet before you get your marriage’s contract approval, which is “blood test before getting married”. There are laboratories in most public hospitals run the test. This blood test aims to discover specific diseases such as Aids, Syphilis, and Sickle Cell Anemia in order to guaranteed healthy life for the couple. However, I am thinking to add another condition, which is raising awareness about marriage’s responsibilities. Since women get married in early age in my country, Saudi Arabia, they need specific courses to understand the change that will happen in their lives. Also, they need to know their rights. Moreover, another courses will run for men. This course will achieve many goals. For example, since men are responsible for the family “economically”, they need to learn some tips to manage their income. So, I will build a website that runs these courses.The goal of the website is to solve the problem and to end with Healthy Marriage in Saudi Arabia, and to raise awareness about marriage’s responsibilities for both genders"Thus, the survey must cover these points:1- questions about the new condition. ex.people reaction2- questions about the cost of the course which is $503- question about specific courses that people need4- time of the course4- reasons behind divorced (i need this part to help me choose topics for the future courses)5- othersmy focus group is divorced people + people who will get marriedThis assignment has to be:1) 0% plagiarism2) the expert rate is 43)no grammar of spilling mistakes4) sound academic5) the survey must include variety kind of questions. EX. (yes,No questions) – (strongly agree – agree- strongly disagree – disagree) – (On a scale from 1 to 6, please rate the level….) others. In addition to Introduction that shows (the purpose of the survey- how many minutes will take to response….etc)

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