Submit a proposal for your group research paper and group manual (assignments 1 and 2) using the following format below Title: PTSD Among Rape Victims

Abstract-short statement summarizing major points of the group Purpose-brief statement of purpose, how group will conduct its work, job description of the worker Agency Sponsorship-agency name and mission, agency resources and geographic and demographic data on agency Membership-specific population for the group, why population was chosen Recruitment-methods to be used Composition-criteria for member inclusion/exclusion, size, open or closed and demographic characteristics Orientation-specific procedures to be used to introduce the group process (ie interview one- on -one to ensure appropriateness of each individual in group and to introduce the expectations and the process). Contract-number, frequency, length and time of meeting Environment- physical arrangements (room, space, materials); financial arrangements(budget, expense, income) APA format and include all references 5 references on the specific population at risk 2 references on rural issues related to the population 2-4 references on social work with groups preferably group interventions related to your group and why you consider it the most effective references should be within the last 10 years and from peer reviewed journal publications

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