Strategic Choice and Evaluation

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1) Some of my former organizations lived and died based on quarterly earnings reports. The senior management became totally fixated on delivering the ?numbers? three to four weeks before the end of each financial quarter. If sales or earnings were trending off of forecast, incredible gyrations occurred to manipulate the final results enough to avoid an embarrassing Wall Street report. As the old saying goes, the ?baby was typically thrown out with the bath water? during this period and anything requiring your time and resources came to a screeching halt.

Using this example, or one of your own, come up with a strategy to deal with this potentially destructive impact to your ability to manage timetables and resources.

2)Explain the two ways value can be created with an unrelated diversification strategy.

3)Discuss the incentives and resources that encourage diversification.

4)Describe the three international corporate-level strategies.

5)Explain the five modes firms use to enter international markets.

6)Discuss the two major risks of using international strategies.

7) Define cooperative strategies and explain why firms use them.

8) Define and discuss the three major types of strategic alliances.

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