Strategic Analysis Project

This project is based on LAS VEGAS SANDS CORPORATION.

Section 1: Background of the Organization (2 to 3 pages)

  1. Provide detailed information on the background of the company as well as the current position of the company.
    1. Provide any information that you feel is pertinent to the organization?s past and present strategies.
    2. Provide detailed information about the industry the company is in.
  2. Discuss their core values
  3. Provide the company vision and mission Statement.

Section 2: External Assessment

  1. Using the PESTLE Assessment Template in ulearn, research and write a paragraph that explains the current state of each item as it relates to your company.
  2. Using Porter?s Five Forces Template in ulearn, prepare a competitive analysis of your company.
  3. Identify two competing companies and construct a CPM Matrix that lists 5 Critical Success Factors. Use the CPM template located in the Strategy Analysis Templates folder in ulearn.
    1. Provide rational as to how the two companies were selected and why the selected critical success factors were selected.
  4. Include proper in-text citations as needed.

Section 3: Internal Assessment

  1. For this section you will research and write a paragraph that best describes the current internal situation for each functional area of the company. Use the Internal Assessment template located in the template folder.
  2. Include proper in-text citations as needed.

Section 4: Situational Analysis

  1. Using the SWOT Analysis template located in the Strategic Analysis Templates folder of ulearn, list the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats relating to the company. (include 3 strengths, 3 weaknesses, 3 opportunities, and 3 threats). Include rational for each statement.
  2. Construct and EFE Matrix. Use the EFE Template found on the Strategy Analysis Templates folder in ulearn.
    1. Provide an overall summary on how the weights and ratings were developed.
  3. Construct and IFE Matrix. Use the IFE Template located in ulearn.
    1. Provide rational for the weights and rating. You do not need to do this for each one. Just provide an overall summary on how the weights and ratings were developed

    Section 5: Strategy Analysis

    1. Construct a TOWS Strategy Matrix for your organization. Use the TOWS Strategy Template found in ulearn. A minimum of 4 Strategies are to be identified (Be specific.
    2. Using the information in the previous step, complete the Alternative Strategy Selection template found in ulearn.

    Section 6: Strategy Selection (QSPM)

    1. Complete the QSPM Strategic Choices template located in ulearn.
    2. Complete a QSPM Matrix for your organization (use the QSPM template in ulearn).

    Section 7: Conclusion and Recommendations (2 ? 3 pages)

    1. Based the strategies developed in the previous section, discuss which strategy you believe is the best course of action for your company.
    2. Develop an action plan as to how the company should proceed with this strategy. Identify any barriers (internal or external) that could inhibit the success of this strategy.
    3. Write a conclusion that summarizes your findings from this analysis and discuss the feasibility of your strategy recommendation.

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