STEREOTYPES IN THE MEDIA 750 words PROMPT- Identify a concept or position that you encountered in…



PROMPT- Identify a concept or position that you encountered in the lesson materials that either called one of your existing assumptions into question or that solidified it by supplementing it with new evidence or a new frame of reference. Discuss this position in more depth and detail and explain your reasoning for modifying or maintaining your original position. Describe what you found particularly provocative about this concept, and explain how your explorations of it will have an impact on the way you make sense of and engage with your world (i.e., how have your research and reflections on this concept enlivened you, inspired you, or changed the way you interact with others, the way you make sense of things, etc.?). Your response should cite specific examples from one or more of our assigned lesson materials and include quotations from at least two of the lesson resources for support.

** two links are attached to use for lesson material – please cite or quote from each when applicable


Stereotyping in media is a shortcut newscasters, advertisers, and producers use to simplify complex information. By putting people in categories and making generalizations about others, the media’s job is easier. Of course, assigning a small number of characteristics to a huge group of people creates problems, especially because dominant groups generally have more power to shape the media. Stereotyping can dehumanize other cultural, gender, or racial groups, and stereotyping in media can even shape public policy. It’s important to be aware of stereotyping in media.

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