std’s in a relationship

Handling STD’S in a Relationship

This assignment is intended to help you understand the complications that might happen if you were to be in a relationship when either you or your partner were diagnosed with Genital Warts. Keep in mind that there is no HPV test for men and they can pick it up from or pass it along to a female without knowing they have done so. Unprotected sex is extremely risky for this STD. In addition, you might not know you have it for years after you have contracted it. Lastly, this is the STD that is related to cervical cancer and more recently, throat cancer, and for which there is a new vaccine.

Post your response to both sides of the scenario.

Situation: Imagine that you are married or in a stable living arrangement with someone with whom you plan to spend the rest of your life. You do not have children yet but were planning to start a family soon. Without any warning, one of you finds a blister on the genitals and goes to see the doctor. The diagnosis is genital warts.

Part 1: Take the role of the person who was diagnosed with genital warts. Write your answers to the following questions:
1. Since you have been faithful to your partner, how would you feel upon learning that you had this STD?
2. Would you think your partner had been unfaithful to you and had been sleeping with someone else and brought the STD back to you?
3. Would you consider leaving your partner as a result of this knowledge?
4. Think ahead — if you left your existing partner, you would have to tell all future partners that you had the virus. Do you think it would impact your future relationships? Would it impact you if you were just starting to date someone and they told you they had genital warts?
5. What kinds of self-help can you do to prevent a future outbreak and live a near-normal life?

Part 2: Take the role of the person who was just told my their partner that genital warts was the diagnosis. You knew you had been faithful but were now being accused of being unfaithful. Answer the following questions:
1. How would you initially react to the news that your partner was infected and was blaming you?
2. Would you be worried about also being infected? How quickly would you want to get examined by a doctor to see if you were infected?
3. Do you feel it would be beneficial to discuss past relationships to see where the initial infection might have occurred?
4. What lifestyle changes will need to be made as a result of this condition existing in your relationship?
5. How does this impact your decision to have children? What do you believe the scientific literature says to support your decision either way?

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