Statistical Product and Service Solutions Report

Please respond to the questions posed in Auto Concepts Case 13.2 and 14.2.

For Case 13.2, you have to describe the target market for each vehicle. You need to use appropriate difference tests based on the specific demographic variable mentioned in the case and identify and define the ideal target segment for each vehicle.

You then need to use the results found in Case 13.2 to respond to Case 14.2. Again, you need to use the appropriate test to answer the questions.

Q 1 and Q 2

Please make sure you write out the reports as if you were presenting them to a client or your supervisor. Please write the report in a way that someone who is not already familiar will the case can also understand the information. Use charts and tables as needed. Make sure the charts and table are presentable and clearly labeled.

Attach your SPSS output in a separate file.

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