SS/HRPT 184: Diversity in Organizations – When considering ethnic and race relations in the US…

SS/HRPT 184: Diversity in Organizations
Final Examination
The responses to the following questions should be complete thoughts that contextualize the question which will lay the ground work for you answers. Remember this while you are working on your exam—why you believe or think the answer is, is just as important as what you think it the correct answer—meaning don’t forget to explain why. Your answers should
This examination is due not later than noon on December 9th. You may turn your papers in via Blackboard (Word Doc or PDF.
When considering ethnic and race relations in the US workforce what do you think the future is going to look like? Most of your answer is based on why, so be sure to provide support for your answer. I have indicated race/ethnic relations in the workplace ‘should’ get better but I could be wrong—why? Are you a Utopian or Luddite? Explain
I think the future in the workplace
Connerley’s text discusses problem with culture bound leadership theory. Explain what culture bound leadership is and why it is a problem or issue in reducing discrimination and racial tensions in the American workplace. Compare and contrast western and non-western approaches to disagreement conflict management and why it is important to understand the differences for a productive workplace. From my perspective disagreement can be resolved but conflict can only be managed and deescalated—failure to understand disagreements and find resolution is the leading cause of conflict. Describe the components of multicultural competence and explain why/how it is important for reducing discrimination in the workplace. Remember the how and why is the most important part of your answer. What is the relationship between race, gender & sex, and ethnicity when examined through the lens of social class (upper, middle, working, lower)? How does that manifest in the workplace? How does poverty fit into the issue of discrimination? Again, why?
Discuss the pros and cons of affirmative action—what is the alternative?
Affirmative action is a effort to enhance the employment or educational opportunities of minority group. The pros of affirmative action are students who are behind in school can have a chance to catch up with the rest. Also it give people opportunities to study and work in all different places. So it means more diversity. The cons of affirmative action is that it can lead to discrimination. It can also decrease motives of some people to do better. Melting pot is the alternative
Discuss your views on multiculturalism and political correctness.

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