Sports writing assignment – Favoring Paying college athletes

Favoring Paying College Athletes.


I have attached a sample outline that you can use as an example to understand.

You must finish the SPELIT Outline I have attached and follow all directions. Include citations/resources at the bottom.

SPELIT Environments (Know wording of definitions)

You must answer for all 6 Environments.

1. Social Environment – How people behave in various group interactions

2. Political Environment – The process of making decisions within groups and is closely tied to the concepts of power and influence

3. Economic Environment – Concern with production and consumption of resources

4. Legal Environment – How official laws or accepted rules affects customs and ethics of a sport organization

5. Intercultural Environment – Culture and differences between cultures that would be a driver for a sport organization

6. Technological Environment – The impact of tools that humans have developed: efficiency or distraction?

? The driving force is the root cause (or causes) of an issue

? The result is the consequence from the driving force
? The actions needed is what needs to happen for the driving force to be altered ? In order to rectify X, we must do Y

Overall issue: MLB does not have a salary cap, which caters to bigger market teams

Social driving Force: Players object to a salary cap because it will hinder the size of player contracts
Takes away the opportunity for competitive balance (smaller market teams cannot afford to acquire such talent in comparison to bigger market clubs)

Political Driving Force:Lack of trust between the players union and owners

– Result: Each side becomes self- invested in either making and or saving the extra dollar

– Economic Driving Force: Players only collected 42% of the total revenue of $8 billion. In comparison to 2003, players originally had 62% of total revenues

– Result: Disagreement between the players union and owners over fairness of revenue split

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