Speech Anylasis

Watch this video, learn the twitter headline and massage map. Then read the speech which I attached, and answer the question below (In front of the speech is a commentary giving you some extra background of the speech, speaker, event, and historical significance)

1. Using the speech I attached to analyze and the video as your guide, create a Twitter friendly headline and a message map (visual display of information or your story).

2. Use the video to help analyze the speech you chose to read this week. It will be broken into the three aspects Carmine Gallo presents. Address what makes the speech understandable, what makes it memorable, and how it is emotionally charged. You will want to use excerpts from the speech itself as well as some historical information as far as how influential/effective the speech was. Look for any outcomes that may have occurred.

There is not a page limit on this analysis but make sure the font is 12 pt, Times-New Roman or Arial, with one inch margins, and correct grammar. For every grammatical mistake I find, I will subtract 3 points.

submit the answers of the question in 2 separate document.

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