Speech 2

Conducting Research for Speech 2 (Informative Speech)


This assignment will help you to find material you can use to support your next speech. It will also give you practice in selecting and retrieving information from a variety of sources in online databases.


Download the Speech Research Form from Doc Sharing. Follow the directions on the form and submit the completed form by Sunday night.

You need to collect information from at least five different database collections using the Park Online Library Databases (http://www.park.edu/library/databases.html ). Click Here.

In addition, you need at least three different types of supporting materials as identified in Chapter 8 of the textbook: brief examples, extended examples, dictionary definition, expert definition, etymological definition, functional definition, expert testimony, lay testimony, statistics, narratives, literal analogies, or figurative analogies.

The information you collect must:

  • be relevant to your topic;
  • be specific (only something you would quote, paraphrase, or summarize in your speech, not an entire article for example);
  • be purposeful as a specific type of supporting material.

Research Grading Rubric

Each of the five required sources will be graded on this rubric.


1 point

0 points

Citation information

All appropriate information is included.

Citation information is incomplete or missing.

Unique database

Database is not used for any other source.

No database used or used for another source.

Supportive purpose

Purpose is identified and accurate.

Purpose is not identified or not accurate.

Specific material

Material is specifically identified.

Material is not specific or not included.

Relevance to topic

Relevance is clear.

Relevance is not clear.

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