Special services professionals demonstrate knowledge of current developmental science, the ways… 1 answer below »

CACREP Core Standards (2016)
2.F.3.a.: theories of individual and family development across the life
2.F.3.b.: theories of learning
2.F.3.c.: theories of normal and abnormal personality development
2.F.3.e: biological, neurological, and physiological factors that affect
human development, functioning, and behavior
2.F.3.f: systematic and environmental factors that affect human
development, functioning, and behavior
2.F.3.g. effects of crisis, disasters, and trauma on diverse individuals
across the lifespan
2.F.3.h.: a general framework for understanding differing abilities and
strategies for differentiated interventions
2.F.3.i.: ethical and culturally relevant strategies for promoting resilience
and optimum development and wellness across the lifespan
2.F.5.h.: developmentally relevant counseling treatment for intervention
Colorado Department of Education Standards
5.07(a) Special services professionals demonstrate knowledge of current
developmental science, the ways in which learning takes place, and the
appropriate levels of intellectual, social and emotional development of their
X. Course Procedures/Policies:
A. Method of Instruction
This course will utilize a number of different methods of
instruction. This course will be delivered face-to-face or online,
including content that will be delivered through (a) assigned readings,
(b) lecture material, (c) small group discussions, (d) power point
presentations, (e) films. Through individual narrative writing
assignments and group discussions, students will explore their own,
as well as clients’, development over the life span.
B. Assignments:
• Participation/Discussion Boards (Meets CACREP Standards
2.F.3.a., 2.F.3.b., 2.F.3.c., 2.F.3.e., 2.F.3.f., 2.F.3.g., 2.F.3.i.) 15
discussion boards, 9 points each, 135 points total:
• Students will engage in discussions or activities that relate to
the topic being addressed in each module/ class. These
activities are designed to enhance students’ understanding of
the chosen knowledge, skill, or practice area. Completing these
activities counts towards class participation points. Overall,
participation includes: (a) preparing for activities so that
students are able to discuss the assigned readings with insight;
(b) engaging in activities in positive ways that focus on the task
of the group and contribute to the group; and (c) openness to
personal reflection and learning. For online courses, the
instructor will post discussion board questions and/or activities
within each module.
Students are required to answer these questions in an initial,
individual post of a 200 -word minimum. The instructor is
looking for thoughtfulness, higher order thinking skills (refer to
Bloom's Taxonomy), and self-reflection within the posts.

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