sonnet 71 analysis

attached below is an assignment done for me by another tutor. i am not satisfied with the work done so i hope you can make the necessary changes needed by following the instructions. the instructions were to read sonnet 71 by william shakespeare which could be found on google then interpret the poem. as you interpret the poem you should quote lines from the poem say what it means and explain/analyze it. apart from doing that find one outside source from website: about death to compare or relate it to the poem. the outside source has to be about death because that is what i believe the theme of the poem is. the next attachment of the questions was basically an outline of what the essay should be. meaning that from reading the essay i should be able to pull the answer to those questions from it. if you find it easier to do the essay in the question format go ahead. but please dont forget to use an outside source about death to relate it to the poem. & discuss explain & analyze important lines

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