Some questions of Interviewee

First of all, this assignment separate to three parts.

1 Job Description

Identify a job description to use as the basis for the assignment.

You may use the job description for your current job or you may search for a listing of a job that you aspire to have. You may use any source of job listings–local, national or global.

Sources will depend on the type of employment that you seek; for some of you, it might be;,, school system postings, police department/city human resource department postings, The Chronicle of Higher Education, professional association career listings, etc.

2 Behavioral Interview Questions

Analyze your chosen job description to determine experience, skills and abilities that would be needed for this job to be performed successfully.

This is NOT a formal analysis that must be submitted as part of the assignment. It is a part of the process leading up to writing/determining appropriate questions to ask for your chosen job description.

Now, based on your analysis, write three appropriate behavioral style interview questions to demonstrate your understanding of the job description and the experience, skills and abilities an applicant should possess.

You may use questions found in resources provided in this module. If using questions found in the resources, be certain that the questions are relevant to your chosen job description. Change the wording as needed to make the question relevant to the job description.

3 Interviewee Questions to Interviewer

Using the information provided in the resource for Questions to Ask If You Are the Interviewee, submit 3 questions that would be appropriate for an interviewee to ask at the end of an actual interview.

These would be questions used in an interview to fill a position for the job description that you have used to complete this assignment.

The questions should be substantive and directed toward:

  • actual job performance expectations
  • the importance of the job in the business or organization
  • interaction with team members, colleagues, or managers/supervisors to accomplish the tasks and function
  • specific skills needed to perform job (could be computer-related)

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