SOCIOLOGY OF AGING JOURNAL ARTICLE REVIEW The article review itself should consist of four parts….


The article review itself should consist of four parts.  Use numbered sub-headings to show which part of the assignment you are addressing: Reason for choosing this article: Why this one? Include a personal reaction to the topic or issue and the article itself here.

Summary of the article:Write this immediately after reading your article, when it is freshest in your mind. Think of it as your ‘impressions’ of what it is about: Do not include massive amounts of detail – this is not a summary. A summary contains a balanced presentation of relevant ideas about the article so that another person is able to tell what it is about. Depending on the length of the article, anything more than about a page is going beyond summarizing.

  This is the core of the review, assess the article critically, which doesn’t necessarily mean negatively: What did you think of the main thesis/purpose of the author? How well did the author state and support their position? What evidence/arguments do they use to do so? What else do you feel needs to be said or examined besides the points the author made? Are there identifiable paradigms and/or theoretical perspectives being used? How radical – or mainstream – is the assessment? Does the author engage in empathetic analysis? Don’t just give a superficial treatment of plusses or minuses: go into depth.

  As you read the article keep track of statements you find particularly interesting or meaningful to you. Select four of them and analyze/react to them – about half a page double spaced should be sufficient for each of these.

GRADING CRITERIA : Is the article scholarly, and does it address an important social problem. Is the article adequately and correctly cited? Are each of the four parts stated above addressed, and in sufficient detail? Is the review written coherently and grammatically? Does the review meet the criterion?

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