Sociology Essay Questions

Based on the textbook Getting Real About Race by Stephanie McClure and Cherise Harris(2015)

1. It is simplistic to suggest that any contact between members of racial groups automatically improves race relations. Based on research identify (a) the ways in which isolated contacts can reinforce stereotyping and prejudice, and (b) the types of contact that are most effective in improving race relations. (Make sure to use your own words to summarize the research findings. Using everyday language and hypothetical examples to restate study patterns in plain language is a helpful technique to avoid plagiarism.)

2 .Minorities faces many misunderstandings and misperceptions of them in everyday life. Please describe 3 specific stereotypes and how they negatively impact the group. (Please focus on the stereotypes presented in this weeks reading regarding African Americans and Native Americans, and make sure to cover both groups) Sometimes we consumes stereotypes in the media and use the cultural racism frame to reproduce them that is, we may not think Trayvon Martin is an inborn criminal, or that Native Americans are inborn alcoholics, but assume they come from environments that encourage them to “act out” the stereotypes. As sociologist, how might you point to other structural (not cultural) factors for why (a) African Americans face criminal justice challenges and (b) Native Americans face demeaning self-concepts? (Hint: these factors would initiate from outside their own communities, institutions–Give very specific examples in your own words).


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