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Course: CIS 111 MS Excel Lab Due 04/10/2017

– 1 –

You have been hired by an elementary school to develop a grading spreadsheet for Microsoft Excel. They have asked you to develop an example using the following criteria.

Make up student names for 10 students (first initial and last name)

Include the following input detail:

? Student Name

? 4 Math test grades

? 4 Social Studies test grades

? 4 English test grades

? 4 Science test grades

Note: Each grade should be in it?s own cell.

Your spread sheet must contain formulas or functions that calculates the following statistics:

1. Calculated average grade for each subject for each student.

? Create your own formula or use a built in function.

2. Highest test score for each subject.

? Only one high test score for each subject, not one for every student for every class. Use MAX function.

3. If there is a failing test grade below 60 the text should be ?Red?.

? Use conditional formatting. (The color should change automatically if the grade changes)

4. Final numerical grade for each student. Weight the grades as follows:

40% of the Math Average

15% of the Social Studies Average

15% of the English Average

30% of the Science Average

After calculating the final numerical grade use nested ?If Statements? to calculate the letter grade. HINT: Use the ?Help? feature of Excel if you need ?help? with the ?IF statement?.

? A > 90

? B = 81 – 90

? C = 71 ? 80

? D = 60 – 70

? F = < 60

Other Requirements:

? All grades shall be rounded to 2 decimal places. (IE: 80.95)

? A minimum font size of 12 will be used.

? Use formatting including shading and bolding to enhance your spreadsheet.

? Your spreadsheet must have a school title.

? All Data should fit on one 8.5×11 sheet of paper

Note: Remember you are doing this for a customer, so make it presentable. Use titles, footers, centering, shading, and bolding, and some colors if you would like. Also, all calculated grades should update automatically if any test grade is changed.

This must be completed using MS Excel.

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