Social Categories Presentation For you final assignment, you will reflect on the different social ca

Social Categories PresentationFor you final assignment, you will reflect on the different social categories we have studied in this class:

Social Classes, Races, Ethnicities, Genders, Sexes, Ages, and Religions

You will create PowerPoint presentation identifying and discussing three social categories to which you belong

In your presentation please address the prompts below and be mindful of the presentation guidelines

*You do not have to present your presentation Simply upload your presentation to the assignment’s page*

Presentation Prompts: Identify three social categories to which you belong Discuss how being a member of these social categories has shapedyou(your thoughts, experiences, behaviors, etc) Research and identify how at least one of your social categories has experienced an inequality How have inequalities impacted the social category as a whole? And, if you are comfortable sharing, discuss how these inequalities have impacted you, personally Think critically about how inequalities afforded to this social category can be reduced

Presentation guidelines: Your presentation should be between 6 and 10 slides Your presentation should include researched information from credible sources and accurate facts Your presentation should contain a ‘References’ slide Your presentation should contain visual interest Graphics, designs, clipart, charts, etc are expected

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