Simone de beauvoir the scond sex

Analysis of Primary Source for Discussion Session 6 write an analysis of 350 words the primary source in essay format Write an (de Beauv of at letst 350 words by using following questions as guidelines You should not simply answer these questions but blend your answors a well-organized essay Pay attention to the weights have attached to each question Question number 7 is the most important 50% of your essay should explore that question Bring your short essay to class share it with your group to help your group work After each discussion class and with the group folder All essays have to be submitted in I will collect your essays person in class and be typed. Each short essay contributes 2 4% to your final grade The short essay is graded on a scale A. B and F For an A all components have to be covered. For a B one or two components can be missing For an F three or more components are missing A Content of the text (what the text is about?) What is the basic idea of the test? (10%) 2 are the concepts (terms) of the text? Find out at two key terms. 0%) 3 Evidence. For each concept (term), provide a quote in which the concept has been used. (5%) B context of the text (what were the circumstances of the writing of the text) 4. Author Who wrote the text? (5%) 5. Time When was the text written? (5%) 6 Place Where was the text written? (5%) 7 do you think this idea and these concepts were so important for de Beauvoir? What were de Beauvoir’s hidden motivations? Consider the political, social, economic, and cultural circumstances of de Beauvoir? Where did he live and when and how did these facts impact his thinking? Provide evidence. (50%) 8 To whom this text has been written? What was the social class of the intended audience? This is often hidden. You have to figure it out from the circumstances of the time and place. Provide evidence. (10%) 9. Citation. You are expected to provide citations for quotes and paraphrases from the primary source (in this case de Beauvoir). You are also expected to provide citations B but no direct quotes B for all the contextual information from your secondary source, Lynn Hunt’s textbook. The format ofthe citation can be a footnote. The format can also follow this format (de Beauvoir, 45) Hunt, 456

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