See below discussion questions

Respond to each question with no less than 250 words each of the three questions.

1. After being interrogated relentlessly for many hours, four U.S. Navy sailors separately confessed to committing a violent rape and murder despite the lack of any evidence linking them to the crime. Based on their confessions, and despite there being no DNA match at the crime scene, each of the men was sent to prison for the crimes. In video Chapter 3 from The Confessions, students will consider why someone would give a false confession and examine the different types of evidence that can be used to identify perpetrators of a crime.

For this discussion:

  • First, go to
  • Then in the player for the video, go to the marker for Chapter 3, ?And Still No DNA Match?? (length:13:20)
  • Watch the video and consider the issues regarding false confessions that are raised and answer the following question:

Why would someone confess to something they did not do? How can the criminal justice system protect against false confessions??

2. First, make sure you participated in solving the cases at:

The answer the following prompt: ?Regarding the CSI simulation, discuss what you experienced and provide a substantive critique of what worked well and what needs to be improved.?

3. We have discussed how effective citizen advisory councils can be for building mutual trust. Not all successful chiefs of police buy into the concept, however. They complain that they do not want bickering, and at times, hostile members of the public dictating police policy. What would you tell those chiefs in order to convince them to utilize this trust building technique?

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