school readiness wiki

the purpose of this activity is to develop an administrative plan to evaluate the rhetoric related to policies of assessment and evaluation and decide a course of action. For this assignment you will be working in a wiki.

following steps:

Step 1: is to select a discourse topic and identify local, State and/or Federal policies related to assessment and evaluation in the field of early childhood education. which I already did the topic is (school readiness).

Step 2: is to analyze the policies. This involves engaging in the rhetoric, finding at least two examples from the literature and/or media for and two samples against these policies. You may develop a graphic or visual representation or write a narrative summarizing key ideas to compare and contrast the affects of policy.

Step 3: is to decide a course of action. develop an administrative plan that maximizes the advantages and minimizes the disadvantages of these policies suitable for this setting early childhood. This may include synthesizing viewpoints, evaluating outcomes, and weighing competing factors to make specific recommendations. These recommendations represent how you would employ the policies in an administrative plan for a particular (real or theoretical) early childhood.

I attached an example for how it would look like. try to find sub head each sub head should include 2 videos or article to support it and 2 question? the only writing you need is bulleted points list. and the references and tthe article should be scholary

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