Risk management incidents

Risk management uses certain documents to track incidents. It will help you to become familiar with the kind of information that goes into these documents. You need will create and fill in a quality improvement chart for the Obstetrics and neonatology area

  1. Design a chart to show the indicators, their measurements, and the expected and actual performance. Use the template to design your chart. Further, use 5 out of the 10 standards listed on the template. the template to go by is attached

2. Under ?Status?, describe the following incident:

On 22 July of 2015 Jennifer Williamson, an expectant mother loses her baby when she was trying to deliver the infant at Guthrie Robert Parker Hospital in Pennsylvania. According to Jennifer, she puts the blame on Mark Underwood who was her Obstetrician and Cassi Lang who was her Neonatologist. She claims that there was a confusion between the two on if they are to perform Caesarean section surgery or not. The time taken to start the C-section exceeded the thirty-minute decision-making time because Mark and Cassi could not detect the fetal heart rate for the infant which is required before a C-section is started,hence the child died due to suffocation (Vincent et al. 777). Mark and Cassi had to play the devil?s advocate and take up the blame for the infant?s death which is not their fault.

3. For this incident, complete the Compliance section using fictitious data. The tracking of the indicators should correspond to the incident. That is, some failure of compliance may have led to the incident.

4. Develop a plan of correction to address the incident. Write a brief description under Plan of Correction

Include references

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