Rhetorical Analysis Short draft

1. How do the ways Moon draws upon, alters, and /or rejects the conventions of earlier women?s travel writing affect the message of her essay? Be sure to think about Moon?s ethos, the place of publication for her essay (also look at the article title and other copy not written by moon!), and its intended audience or audiences.

Please read 6 steps carefully and then write the sentences according to the questions. Please consider the above question and complete thesis statement. Thanks. (I need this in 5 hours, the first file below (RA ideas draft).)

Here is the article. https://www.afar.com/magazine/pregnant-in-panama

2. Be sure to include specific quoted evidence from your travel narrative in every body paragraph–preferably more than one piece. Also aim to bring in at least 1-2 secondary sources. Look particularly at Carl Thompson’s Travel Writing and the material found on our Travel Writing Bibliography page.

For step-by-step guidelines to writing a rough draft, consult the Rough Draft Writing Guide. For formatting tips, visit the Purdue Online Writing Lab Sample MLA PaperLinks to an external site.. Include an MLA-formatted Works Cited with this draft. (See the sample paper for a model.)

There is a RA High sample below, please read it and then write the draft like that. I need four pages for this draft(not include cite page).

RA Idea draft is the basic of RA short draft. Please complete it seriously. I will upload Carl Thompson’s Travel Writing later.

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