Revision of Marketing Plan: Pricing Strategy Step 6 only

OPEN AND READ CAREFULLY THE UPLOADED FILE ON THE Three Year Marketing Plan?Blue Mountain Spring Water. You must read the document and then complete marketing plan.

BASICALLY: you will revise the work that I have already done in the uploaded that says revision OR come up with something new using the same four main pricing objectives below. The professors response to my work was: GOOD PRICING DISCUSSION, BUT IT WOULD BE HELPFUL TO ARRIVE AT A MORE GENERAL APPROACH COVERING OPTIONS OR BY USING A SEGMENT-DRIVEN STRATEGY….

The question I answered to was:

Describe your pricing strategy for Blue Mountain Spring Water. Make sure you address the four main pricing objectives, which are below. Your description should include specific steps you will take to meet the objectives.

The four main pricing objectives are:

  • Profitability objectives, including profit maximization and target returns
  • Volume objectives, including sales maximization and market share
  • Meeting competition objectives
  • Prestige objectives

NOTE TO TUTOR: you will see two files (1) The Three Year Marketing Plan?Blue Mountain Spring Water, Inc. you must read this before revision or completing a new marketing plan. (2) The paper that need revisions. You will see in RED print, where revisions are needed. Please correct these areas along with any other comments made below the paper in RED or you may come up with new ideas for the four pricing objectives above.

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