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The Territorial States interacted with one another because it had been determined the way it day especially the they would interact with one another. There were lots of reasons why it had to be the way it did for territorial states regarding Egypt maintaining the specific ownership which had made the Egyptians interact with other states. When interacting with each other there had been marked by power remaining from the city into distant hinterland. Because of that people felt an intelligence to territories and their rulers by their linguistic and ethnic communities. However, rulers had defined territorial limits to their states involving each other and those outside states limits were defined as “others” unlike those within the state boundaries. Throughout the interactions authority was based on a divine type of monarch who ruled through large bureaucracies and legal codes, bur order was also achieved by subjects adherence to a shared set of norms and values. There was a lot of engagements within different states but also having and getting plenty of negative feedback having to do with their interactions within each states. The great territorial states that had emerged in southwest Asia and North Africa by the fifteenth century BCE had established an inter regional balance of power and developed tools to settle difficulties through treaties and negotiations. With that being said, Diplomacy typically took the form of marriages and exchange of gifts. An elite, cosmopolitan merchant and political class emerged, relying on Akkad as the language of diplomacy. Yet the foundations of power were quite not doable, for the ruling classes relied on the least privileged for their power and authority because the poor paid taxes and provided labor that was given. The interactions must’ve helped in many ways due to the fact of all that happening the “share” between other states and the way it was being negotiated and distributed within them all. So Only where the edges of these powers met could small regional states survive and aid in maintaining the balance of power. Sustaining the balance required constant communication among the great states which explained why there was a lot on controversy regarding the situations.

You are to reply to post above, in 200-250 words.

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