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Student two( V-A-S)

My darling daughter, you will start you period when your body is ready for it to do so. Since I didn?t start menstruating until I was a little older, at age 14, you may not either. However, if you do start menstruating sooner let?s have a little chat about what exactly it is and what to expect. The appearance of a period is a sign your body is transforming into womanhood, and there a lot of changed going on inside your body. Basically, when you become a woman you have in your abdomen your uterus where you will someday, very far from now, become pregnant and carry your future babies. Every month your body prepare itself to carry that baby, should you become pregnant. When you are not pregnant, and there is no baby to carry, protect and develop inside of you, your body flushes out what it doesn?t need from inside your uterus. This will be in the form of blood, and it is called menstruation. It may be a little bit of blood, and it may be what looks like a lot of blood. Don?t worry, it?s not as much as you think. Your body knows exactly what to do! At first this may happen infrequently, or it could happen every month so don?t be alarmed either way. We will just make sure you are prepared by carrying some sanitary napkins in your school bag or purse. You may feel a little discomfort with your period, mostly in your abdomen and back. But it?s nothing that us women can?t handle! Most importantly, I want you to know that it is OK for you to come to me if you have any questions of concerns. I am always here for you. This is a normal part of growing up, and it can be a little scary at first but you will get through this, and I will be here to help you!

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