Respond to an image

In this assignment you are asked to write a short and personal reflection in response to the images that are provided to you.

Step 1: You have been participating in an education system in multiple roles and settings and for a long time (e.g., as a student, parent, teacher, administrator, community member who pays property taxes, etc.). So think about different ways in which you engaged in education and roles that you have taken over the years. Reflect on different purposes that education fulfills in your life. Then look at the attached pictures and react to them. Does one or another picture represent/bring back memories/capture ways in which you would describe reasons for/purposes of getting an education? Just what does it mean ?to be educated?? Why would anyone want to get an education? What are purposes of subjecting yourself to 12, 16, 20, or perhaps life-long years of schooling? Is it worth it?

Step 2: Write a short narrative (about 500 words) summarizing what you reflected about. There is no right or wrong answer (if none of the pictures speak to you, or if you have a different picture in mind that adds insight to your narrative, you are welcome to use them). The more reflective and personal your narrative, the better, so please discusses specific episodes and life experiences that shaped your thinking about the purpose of education. This is NOT a formal paper. Treat this assignment as a diary or a journal entry and use 1st person narrative style.

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