respond to 2 posts each 150 words

StudentA Post:

constraints I placed when searching funds changed a couple of times
when I was searching, but I was looking for affordable prices with
potential for growth. The constraints wound up being 3 star and 4 star
ratings, the intraday price is less than $15, and percent change is less
than 3%. One of the mutual funds that showed was Templeton Global Bond
R6 (FBNRX). I chose this fund mainly because I was looking at trend
charts and trying to find one that was on a downward trend in recent
months with a potential for growth in future years. This one seemed like
a fit, and also had a beta of -0.36 and a yield of 4.34%.

Student B Post:

The constraints that I would impose are:

1. Fund Family: American Funds and JPMorgan

2. Turnover Ratio: Between 30 to 50

3. Morningstar Performance Rating Overall: 4 and 5 stars

4. Market Capital Value – Long: Greater than 100,000$

5. Fund Net Assets: Greater than 1,000,000$

6. Initial Minimum Investment: 10,000$

The result shows that there are three funds matches all the constraints:

1. American Funds Washington Mutual R1

2. American Funds Washington Mutual 529C

3. American Funds Washington Mutual 529E

Pleaae submit your responses in 2 different files.

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