Resolved, that companies in Oman should require their employees to wear office or corporate uniforms.

Individual Written Report (Guidelines)

1500 words are written

You are expected to submit a written report based on the debate topic.

The written report should include:

1. A discussion of the background including introduction and relevance of the proposition.

You might like to include the definition of the topic and why the topic is important.

2. An explanation of the concepts, theories, models wherever necessary ( need to be backed by

literature review)

You might like to include the importance of the topic and write a literature review

Based on that.

3. An evaluation of both sides with arguments and counter-arguments with evidences, research

Findings, information

You might like to include theadvantages of your own topic

You might like to include the disadvantages of your opponent?s topic.

4. Lastly you might like conclude by summarizing the main points

5. References (6 References)

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