Choose one OSH(Occupational Safety and Health) problem presented in the Week 12 lecture to write about in your original post.  For instance, you might choose precarious work, uncertain work schedules, bullying, workplace violence, youth unemployment, etc.  

Do an internet search of recent news items related to your chosen topic and pick one to use in your post.  Briefly describe the article and include information from the article in your post.  

In the post you may want to address the following:

  • Why do you think this is an important issue or why does it interest you?
  • Describe the news item that relates to the problem that you found in your Internet search?  (Don’t forget to cite your source or sources!)
  • Is the problem relevant to your career or future career?  How?
  • What do you think would help make this problem less of a health and safety risk for workers?  

Don’t forget to provide citations.  No citation = loss of points.  

Week 12 Lecture Reference (please provide citation and use this link to help)

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