Research Writing

Assignment Instructions
Select an existing or historic organization that uses deception efforts. These organizations should be a government entity, a nascent government,i.e. ISIS, or a counter-government organization, i.e. the Viet Cong. I will also consider businesses, or D/F-listed non-profit organizations (these require approval no later than 1 week before the assignment due date). Provide an approximately 5-7 page response that outlines your chosen organization’s primary opponents and the focus of its known deception efforts. If no known efforts are evident, provide likely areas of deception based on the material you’ve reviewed. Choose wisely for this research will serve as the basis for two further research papers that will call for analysis on your part.
Here’s the template.
Organization name:
Brief statement of organization history and status (250 words or less):
Primary opponents to the organization:
Focus of the organization’s known deception efforts ( If no known efforts are evident, provide likely areas of interest based on the material you’ve reviewed. Provide supporting evidence.)
Upload your response to this assignment by Sunday 11:55 EST Week 3.
Format: Your paper should include a title page, body, and references page. Your paper should have 1-inch borders on all four sides, use times new roman-12 point font, be double spaced, and not have an extra space in between paragraphs. (You may need to turn this off in MS word by going to paragraph and clicking “Don’t add space between paragraphs of the same style). Since this is an INTL course you need to use the Turabian parenthetical (in-text) citation style with a references page.
As you proof read your assignment I encourage you to work with Belcher, Wendy Laura. 2009. “Editing Your Sentences” In Writing Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks: A Guide to Academic Publishing Success. Sage. This resource has a nice step by step process for enhancing your writing.

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