Research Synthesis Proposal

Read the the article and answer the question below. The attachment will give you direction on what you need to do. The articles are also provided.

  1. Article #1 Title:
    1. What would an in-text citation look like for this article?
    2. What is the purpose of this article? What is it investigating?
    3. What variables are included in this study?
    4. What type of experimental design was used in this study?
    5. What sampling technique was used?
    6. What are the participant demographics?
    7. What measurements/instruments were used?
    8. What were the study findings?
    9. List at least 2 limitations of this study. They can come from the experimental design,sampling method, threats to internal/external validity Please write everything in your own word if anything phraphrase.

    If you need part more help with part i. I can provide you my Chegg account for access of the book

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