Research Proposal on Nicotine Addiction among Young Teens and Young Adults

Hello I need a research proposal/essay written for my health class. The Proposal/Research Essay is on Nicotine Addiction Among Young teens and Young Adults. It needs to include an Abstract, Introduction, and Methodology/Approach, and Discussion. I already have the Title and references already done and figured out. I will post the references that need to be referred to in the Essay/Proposal as an attachment on here. I will also post the guidelines of what to include in each part of the Essay/Proposal on here as well.

Abstract: Abstract clearly provides a summary of the introduction and proposed methods, includes the research question, and is the appropriate length. (For this you can make up any Research Question regarding Nicotine Addiction among Young teens and Young Adults, you need to make up your own methods your going to use in the research you will do, and write a catchy introduction that will grab the readers attention.

Introduction: Introduction thoroughly introduces the reader to the background and rationale for the proposed study by stating the problem in a big picture manner and then relating it back to the significance of this proposal. Necessary parts of an introduction are included ? statement of the problem, purpose of the study, significance of the proposed study, brief review of the literature (includes data and findings from other studies), and hypothesis. You can make up your own introduction and use some background information from any of the references website I have attached to this.

Methodology/Approach: Proposed course of action for answering research question is identified and described; all necessary information is provided (if applicable); includes but is not limited to the following: the population that will be sampled, the data sets that will be used, the data collection instruments that will be utilized, who will be collecting the data, how the data will be analyzed, how long the research will take, ethical considerations, and the implications of this research. The highest points will be achieved if the proposed methods are appropriate, thoroughly described, and creative. Results of statistical analysis. This will be based on your own methods you choose to answer the study question. Make up your own participants, what you used for the study, etc. Description of all data collection methods. For example talk about the participants, what methods you used, and your results in great detail.

Discussion: Begins with summary of key findings of study, Comparison of new study to previous studies (Use any of the references website I have posted, At least one paragraph on the limitations of the study, End the discussion with conclusions and implications of the research and findings.

Guidelines: The Research Proposal/Essay needs to be 10 Pages. Please do not Plagiarize!! If used any information of sources that I have posted PLEASE CITE THEM! With in text Citations and References too! If you have any questions while typing the research proposal please let me know! I will answer all questions! I have attached the references on to this. Again PLEASE DO NOT PLAGIARIZE! Thank you!

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