Research Proposal Draft

The Research Proposal Draft should include the following sections:

I. Abstract: In 500 words or less, summarize the research problem space, research question, the method you will use to study the problem, and the type of results you expect to find once you conduct the study.

II. Introduction: Help your reader understand why it is important to study the topic you propose to investigate. Make a case for the IDT problem you have identified by citing one or two key sources in the field. Then, pose your problem statement and research question(s) in the form of a thesis statement: “This study seeks to identify/reveal/dive deeper into the problem of ______________ by asking the following questions: (1) ______________ (2) ______________ (3) _______________.” Also include a hypothesis where you make a prediction about the answers you may find once you conduct your study that follows a sentence structure like this: “Upon completion of this study, it is hypothesized that _____________________.”

III. Literature Review: Include your Literature Review Draft from Module 5 in a section here. Be sure to re-read and revise now that you have read more in your textbook, discussed with your classmates, and have had a little break from it.

IV. Methodology: Describe a Qualitative, Quantitative, or Mixed Methods design that would help you answer your Research Questions. Use the following as guiding questions to write 3-4 paragraphs about your research methodology:

  1. What kind of data are you seeking to answer your research questions? Why?
  2. Where can you find the data you seek? (from surveys, interviews, or observations of people, in a public database, from pre/post test scores, from logs of website usage, etc.)
  3. Describe the Qualitative, Quantitative, or Mixed Methods design that will assist you in gathering data. Explain why you have selected this kind of design. What type of research design will best address your research question and hypothesis? Cite at least one or two sources that have used this type of method to gather data related to IDT and describe why it was a logical choice for answering their research question. When applicable, you are welcome to develop a draft of the tool you will use to gather data and include as an Appendix (a survey, interview questions, process documentation, spreadsheet, etc.)

V. References: Include your reference list in APA style.

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