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*Research Topic*

Research regarding the federal government’s harsh prison terms for first time drug offenders. Instead of long prison terms for first time offenders, I would like to suggest/research rehabilitation programs that would provide counselling and support


In this section you will need to provide an introduction to your topic. This part includes a clear statement of your problem (the topic that you would like to do research on), the purpose of your study, why you think your research is important, and define the concepts you will study.

Statement of the Problem – This is where you will introduce the problem or area that you are to study. This is the longest section of chapter one and will require that you introduce your topic and explain the various dynamics of the topic – Length – ~ .5 pages.

Purpose of the Study– It is here that you will explain the purpose of your study. What exactly do you intend to study. More specifically, what answers will your study seek to address (Note: Be careful of allowing bias into your proposal at this stage. For example, you can state that you seek to discover the impact education has on criminality, but do not state that you will show that education will reduce criminality – until you complete the study you cannot know this).

Length – ~ .5 page.

Research questions – What specific questions will your research try to answer? Given what others have found (through your literature review, you should know what others have found), what new information do you expect to find? Research questions can be regarded as a more specific version of the problem or objective described earlier.

Length – ~ .5 page.

Justification of the Study– Here you will explain why your study should be completed and the impact the results will have on the field of criminal justice or criminology. When you write this section pretend that you have to justify someone providing you with money to complete your study – in reality this is many times what you will be doing. Your justification for the study should include any arguments for how the results (positive or negative) will improve criminal justice or the understanding of an area of criminal justice or criminology. Length – ~ .5 page.

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