Research Project Powerpoint

Animal Rights/Veganism/The Environment/Human Health

More people are turning to a vegan diet for various reasons: a balanced vegan diet is considered the healthiest diet for humans; animals suffer so humans can wear and eat things they don?t need; consuming animals and dairy negatively impacts the environment. For this topic, watch the videos below, and then research other arguments about the ethics of consuming animals and animal products. Your presentation should refer to both videos below, as well as others? arguments about the ethical concerns related to consuming animals and animal products. Though your project should not be persuasive, you may include your own response to the arguments you discuss.

  • Your presentation must contain at least 10 slides, not including any title/intro slide or the final slide, which should contain citations for all sources used in your presentation, and at least 8 images that are relevant to your topic (do not use Clip Art or images that have no connection to your topic). There is no maximum number of images, but there IS a maximum number of slides; your presentation should not be more than 12 slides (excluding any title slide and the citations slide).
  • In addition to the source(s) provided above in the topic descriptions, you must have a minimum of 4 sources. Your sources must be professional and scholarly. For example, Wikipedia, a site that anyone can contribute to, is not a scholarly source.
  • You can use any presentation platform you wish (PowerPoint, Prezi, Google Slides, etc.), but you must either submit a PowerPoint file (Google Slides can easily be converted to PowerPoint) or a link to the Prezi or other presentation platform you use.
  • Content: make sure slides are free of grammatical errors and plagiarized content; make sure you have the required number of slides and images; use consistent font and templates. The presentation should be one coherent whole, not a patchwork quilt!
  • Information: the information in your project should be relevant to the topic, should be related to philosophical arguments/theories, should be from professional/scholarly sources.
  • Organization: slides should be composed/organized with attention to the audience. Avoid slides that are text-heavy, crowded, difficult to see/read.

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