Research paper about Civil Rights.

  • the topic is about Civil Rights and the sources are limited to the essays we have read from the Portable Sixties Reader Malcolm X (Ballot or the Bullet); Martin Luther King Jr.(Letters from Birmingham jail) ( pdf’s attached below)
  • The thesis is derived from the problems facing African-Americans identified by each writer; the solutions they offer to resolve the problems; and the resistance or difficulties each writer faces in implementing their plan/strategy of change
  • Essay must have a multi-part thesis that previews the main points/discussion topics of the research paper
  • Research paper must be in MLA style/format
  • 5 typed, double spaced, 12 pt. font (Times New Roman)
    • 4 typed pages of text 1 Works Cited page = 5 pages total
  • incorporate quotations into your essay
    • use parenthetical citation to document all sources used in the text of the paper
    • make sure all sources used in paper are cited on Works Cited page and vice versa
    • use lead-ins to introduce all quotations
      • limit quotations to three lines or less from original source

the paper must not be a ?collage? of quotations; they are only a part of the essay supporting your discussion of the SIGNIFICANCE OF THE TOPIC

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