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After reviewing the DVD Groups in Action by Corey, Corey, and Haynes (2014), I have gained a greater appreciation for great group leaders.After reviewing the DVD, I immediately had visions of conducting a growth group.I thought about the different techniques that Corey et al. used during the initial stage; to establish norms of the group, getting members to speak directly to each other, expressing fears, and concerns, and keeping all members involved.I felt the leadership styles used by Corey et al. were Leader Directed/ Group Directed mixed with Interpersonal/Intrapersonal (Jacobs, Schimmel, Mason & Harvill, 2016).By asking open ended questions the group leaders were able to hand the group to the members and then regain control by asking further questions to gain more insight to the answers given.I never really felt like the leaders took the group over, but did an excellent job of navigating the conversation.

According to Jacobs, Schimmel, Mason, & Harvill (2016), the initial stage of the group is the time to explain the purpose of the group, expectations, fears, group rules, and to establish comfort levels (pg. 36).What I could really appreciate about the video was how Corey et al. was able to transition the group through the different stages; both observing and leading group transition, is not always and easy task.I really enjoyed how Corey et al. set up future discussions by allowing the group members express what they expected from the group, how members of the group made each other feel; touching on everything from feelings of inadequacy to racial and cultural concerns.

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