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Discussion1 According to “The Nursing Shortage” (2013) , The
problem is not having enough nurses in health care field to provide quality
care to our patients. Not having enough nurses lead to many problems and bad
patient care outcome. Few examples includes Quality care which has to be
majorly affected due to the shortage, patients health is affected badly by poor
health care which is again possible due to the lack of nurses or in the
situation of an overworked nurses. The cause and effect is widespread
across the board but includes, high-demand stressful work days with little
value placed on their abilities to perform as a nurse. The staff to patient
ratio is generally pushed to the brink which leads to overworked, often
unhealthy and frustrated employees. A tired person can never be able to provide
efficient care to patients. The causes of the nursing shortage is due to
inadequate resources for nursing research and education. Not recognizing and
respecting nurses for their hard work, not providing competitive wages and not
proving flexible schedule to the nurses. I think the solution to this problem
according to “The Nursing Shortage” (2013,) Is to
grant nurses more autonomy to practice their profession and to make their own
decision about their patient as this builds their confidence and motivates them
work harder. Facilities and hospital should also create a friendly environment
that will make nurses happy and willing stay in their fields of work such as
providing more incentives like bonuses and other benefits to motivates nurses
to stay. And also providing nurses with flexible schedules so that they can
also have some time to be with their families.


problem that is pointed out in the Fact Sheet paper is that there is a
nursing shortage in the United States and this problem is going to
increase in the next few years. The causes of this problem are a
generation of nurses retiring and leaving the facilities they have been
at for years with a below recommendation level of staff, educational
facilities not being able to accept all applicants due to inadequate
number of staff, and nurses becoming burnout at their current jobs
because of staffing issues which in return causes them to leave the
profession all together. The effects of this problem are the decrease
in patient care, more and more facilities working understaffed, and
nurses leaving the profession they once loved. According to the Dewey
Sequence we first lay out our problem, then identify a problem,
analyze it, determine solutions, evaluate all possible solutions,
decide on one solution, and implement it. Our problem is the shortage
in nursing today and especially in the years to come, we have evaluated
the problem and identified the concerns above, now we need to
determine a solution. Solutions should be based on training new grads
and encouraging them to stay in nursing, engaging schools and
educators to expand programs and allow more applicants in each
semester, and doing a flex schedule to reduce burnout. The one
solution I feel is most beneficial is to enforce longer training with
new grads and pair them with a seasoned nurse until they are
comfortable. One reason nurses feel burn out is lack of preparation, by
having them train with someone we can share the load and making
transitioning to your own assignment not feel so overwhelming. It
would also be a transition for someone who is about to retire, this
change allows them to train someone who can take their place.

< Discussion 3

in nursing advocate the position that a patients quality of life,
health, and sense of wholeness are affected by spirituality.? (Giddens
2017. Pg 39). This would be the non-religious definition, when
talking about the religious sense; ??experience, attitudes, and belief
regarding God, a sense of God, and the inner person.? (Giddens 2017. Pg
39). I do not find asking questions about religious preferences
and spirituality as being uncomfortable. I think there are a lot of
things you can learn about a person when talking about their religion
and beliefs, it can give you a clear picture on what they want when it
comes to care while being hospitalized as well as what they do not want,
or things that they will not accept when it comes to life saving
measures based on their beliefs. Someone with different beliefs than you
can be a challenge to care for but ultimately we got into this career
to care for others, regardless if we think the same or not. I always
make myself aware of their views and am sure to create a treatment plan
that addresses their beliefs. How I feel about their beliefs is put on
the back burner, differences do not affect my patient care. Since I work
in a psychiatric hospital we have a lot of people that cannot
communicate like you and I, if someone has been off their medications
and tried to commit suicide and that is their reason for coming to us.
Regardless what my beliefs are on suicide, it is important to keep
open communication and build a trusting relationship with the patient.

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