Replacement Workers, the End of Labor’s Only True Weapon”

Must be 200 words reference/citations included.

Replacement Workers, the End of Labor’s Only True Weapon”

“Hostess Brand Closing for Good”

“Twinkies New Owner Shuns Unions”

Then, discuss the following questions:

    1. Do you believe that the use of replacement workers is unethical or just a good business practice. Support your answer.
    2. Do you feel that Hostess? decision to file for bankruptcy was a result of the financial burden imposed by the strike as management claimed, or was it a way out for a struggling company that was already headed to its second trip to bankruptcy court? Please explain.
    3. The new CEO does not expect for the company to be represented by unions going forward, what strategies could management use to prevent the newly hired employees from feeling the need to become unionized?

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