religion week 9

Week Nine: Assignment:

I. Reading Assignment:

Read Chapter 6:

Islam, pages 221-242

II. Writing Assignment:

Complete Worksheet #8 and turn in by Sunday night, April 9 by

11:59 pm. It is located in the Week Nine folder under the

Assignment Link on Blackboard. Please submit your homework

through that assignment link. Instructions for this are given


To get full credit the answers must be thorough, show thought and

completely fill in the blanks provided.

The Worksheet is worth 10 points.

III. Discussion Board Assignment Questions:

Answer these question on the Discussion Board in Blackboard.

Question One:

1. Choose something from the opening section of the chapter or the

section entitled ?Background? that you learned or caught your

attention. Explain what it was and why you chose it. Choose

something different from what your classmates have already


2. What do you think of the concept of the ?Seal of the Prophets.?

Give reasons to support your view.


3. As your read more about Muhammad, his character and the

events that happened to him, what is your view of him now?. Give

reasons to support your ideas.

Question Two:

1. What do you think of the Muslim view that the Qur?an is

miraculous? Give reasons to support your view.


2. What do you think of the notion of ?The People of the Book.?

Did you realize Judaism, Christianity and Islam were so

connected? What is your view of this? Give reasons to support

your view.


3. Islam claims their religion is the only true monotheism. Why do

they say it and what do you think about this notion? Give reasons

to support your views.

4. Choose something else from this section on Islam that caught

your attention that hasn?t been brought up in these questions. State

what it is and why you chose it. Give reasons to support your view.


These initial responses to questions should be at least

150 words

in length and contribute significantly to the discussion

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