Reflection Paper – Choosing a Supervisory Behavior As indicated in Week 4, your Reflection Paper –..

Reflection Paper – Choosing a Supervisory Behavior

As indicated in Week 4, your Reflection Paper – Choosing a Supervisory Behavior is due this week.

Consider the following scenario, and submit a  two-page reflective paper.

A mother comes angrily into your office one morning very early before any of the busses arrive, dragging her fourth-grade son with her. She shows you the palm of her son’s hands and is furious because the scrapes that appear there are, according to her, from “crab walks” her son had to do in yesterday’s gym class.


When she finally becomes calm enough to tell you the story, you discover that your physical education teacher had this young man going around the gym on his bottom, using his hands to push himself off as punishment for talking when he was supposed to be listening to instructions. You ask her if she has spoken with the physical education teacher about this, to which she responds “No.” You know that this teacher is one of the best in the county, and you are surprised that this has happened.

At that point, you send for the teacher to come to the office. When she sees the boy’s palms, she admits that she had assigned this physical activity for his refusal to follow directions. You then ask her how many times he went around the gym in this position, and she cannot tell you. She apologizes to the mother and she and the boy leave your office.

As you talk with the teacher about this incident, which supervisory behavior will you use: directive control or directive informational? Think about why you made the choice you made and explain your decision.

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