Reading Journal

So this week, we are reading about audience and purpose, which are immensely important to consider in any situation.

Remember our textbook tells us that a “text” is not just the written word it’s potentially any situation.

Think about a time when you needed communicating a significant piece of information to someone else.

To whom were you speaking (who was your audience)?

And what was the purpose of your communication?

How served the audience and purpose influence what you stated and how you declared it?

When talking to students about the audience and reason, I often show this painful video It’s still harmful, after all, these years of Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift at the VMA’s:

His purpose was okay. (I even agree with him Beyonce’s video was not only better, it was industry-changing.)

and his tone might have been okay if he was in the limousine with his friends…but the audience was all wrong. All wrong.

Most of us preserve an instinctive sense of matching audience and purpose with tone…and most of us have probably gotten it wrong once or twice and had to live with the results…

So write for me regarding a time you needed to say something important tells me about your purpose and your audience, what you stated and how you declared it, and whether or not you think you got it right.

Try to be sure your response is more than 200 words.

Don’t worry too much about format or grammar for this assignment.

As long as I can follow your thoughts and you write more than two hundred words.


? Thank You ?

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