Read the attached article about a school reform effort in Tennessee called… 1 answer below »

Read the attached article about a school reform effort in Tennessee called “Pass Fail” from Governing magazine. The article has to do with charter schools, but don’t get distracted by the topic. Our interest is not in the pros and cons of charter schools, but in applying the many concepts discussed in the Rainey text on how to analyze organizations working in a turbulent environment. Based on the chapters we have read thus far, see how well you can understanding the situation at Frayser High School.
Rainey, Hal G. “Understanding and Managing Public Organizations” Fifth Edition
Would you consider the restructured Frayser High School to be a public or private organization? (Chapter 3)
What is the organizational environment of Frayser High School? (Chapter 4)
What are the sources of authority and influence that impact educational policy at Frayser High School?
(Chapter 5)
How would you define the goals of Frayser High School? (Chapter 6)
How should effectiveness of the school be measured in achieving those goals and why would you select those measures? (Chapter 6)
How would you describe the sources of power that are at play in Frayser High School’s decision making environment? (Chapter 7)
Describe the decision making processes that were used to determine the reforms being implemented at Frayser High School? (Chapter 7)
What suggestions would you make in putting together a strategic plan for Frayser High? (Chapter 7)
What might a strategic plan look like based on your understanding of the situation facing Frayser High School? (Chapter 7)
Your paper will be evaluated along the following criteria:
Demonstrated understanding of the concepts set out in the text.
Ability to apply the concepts to the Frayser High School situation.
Ability to integrate the concepts into a strategic planning framework.
Ability to write at the graduate level.
If you choose to use outside material, but sure to cite it using APA format. Governing magazine does have several follow-up articles about Frayser HS. The most recent is: Buntin, J. (2015). Measured growth: One year into Tennessee’s ambitious education reform effort, officials take stock. Governing, 28(12), 36-43. [Notice how the reference was written is in APA format.] The midterm should have a maximum length of 10 pages.

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