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Correlations between absenteeism and work attitudes such as job satisfaction have
often been found to be disappointingly weak. As prior work reveals, this might be due
to ignoring interactive effects of attitudes with different attitude targets (e.g. job
involvement and organizational commitment). Drawing on basic principles in personality
research and insights about the situational variability of job satisfaction judgments, we
proposed that similar interactions should be present also for attitudes with the same
target. More specifically, it was predicted that job involvement affects absenteeism
more if job satisfaction is low as this indicates a situation with weak constraints. Both
attitudes were assessed in a sample of 436 employees working in a large civil service
organization, and two indexes of absence data (frequency and time lost) were drawn
from personnel records covering a 12-month period following the survey. Whereas
simple correlations were not significant, a moderated regression documented that the
hypothesized interaction was significant for both indicators of absence behaviour. As a
range of controls (e.g. age, gender, job level) were accounted for, these findings lend
strong support to the importance of this new, specific form of attitude interaction.
Thus, we encourage researchers not only to consider interactions of attitudes with a
different focus (e.g. job vs. organization) but also interactions between job involvement
and job satisfaction as this will yield new insights into the complex function of attitudes
in influencing absenteeism.

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