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41. The director of nursing oversees dietary needs of the resident.

42. When documenting it is important to:

Share information with everyone

Maintain privacy

Use abbreviations whenever possible

Document what the person before you did

43. HIPAA compliance can be violated by doing all the following, except:

Database breaches

Gossiping or sharing personal health information

Documenting in a secure location

Telling family members about a resident?s medical history

44. After knocking on a resident’s door, you should:

Wait for permission to enter

Enter and get to work

Yell at the resident to get their attention

There is no reason to knock on the door

45. When performing pericare, you should:

Wipe back to front

Wipe outside to inside

Wipe front to back

Wipe with the same side of the cloth

46. When ambulating a resident, you should place the gait belt around:

The hands

The knees

The waist

The ribs

47. It is not important to change gloves during pericare.

48. Every resident eats the same meal prepared the same way.

49. Shearing is best described as:

Causing a bruise or discoloration

Pertaining to an infection

Cutting the lawn

Tearing of the skin

50. Nectar consistency is:

A type of food

A thick pudding

A slightly thickened liquid

Not used in long-term care facilities

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