Questions on Sociology

Please follow the directions in each section below. All answers should be reflective of course material and demonstrate sociological perspectives. No requirement on length, but I would expect 1-2 paragraphs on the 20 points and a little more than that for the 50. Just answer the questions completely.

Race is socially constructed. What are the social consequences of the construction of race on a society? Do you think they can be undone?
The United States poverty line is a federal threshold that determines a family’s eligibility for assistance. Reflecting on readings and course discussion on poverty, identify some systemic social issues that surround poverty in the United States.
Social stratification varies from country to country, society to society. Demonstrate your understanding of the importance of resources by explaining social stratification on a global scale.
Demonstrate your understanding of one of the dominant theoretical perspectives (structural, conflict, or symbolic) by explaining some of the most pressing social issue facing education today. Responses should clearly demonstrate the chosen perspective and how it analyzes education.
Reflecting on our class discussion and the reading from the text, identify and explain the intersectionality of race and gender in the United States. Please use at least two specific examples to support your answer.
Please answer the question below (50 points):

The ranking or layering of people and groups in society, known as social stratification, has had a dramatic impact on how our society functions. Demonstrate your understanding of how social stratification affects individuals both personally and socially. Responses can focus on one or more specific form(s) of social stratification (ie. class, race, gender, education, etc.) to demonstrate your perspectives.

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